At Movefreely there are two main services that we offer. Personalised training and Massage therapy. Click on buttons below to find out more.

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Personalised coaching to fit your requirements

Movefreely coaching focuses on bring longevity, vitality, health and functionality into your life. This encompasses the 3 main aspects of health and fitness, which are strength, energy and alignment.

Through these 3 elements we aim to make you fitter, look better, feel better and function better.


This gym’s facility is everything I need! I workout during my lunch break and I don’t have to go back in sweats. Their shower and changing room facility is my savior!

Jessie Coleman

Junior Instructor

Everything is top notch! The machines are all up-to-date and I love the interior as well. Makes me want to never miss a day!

Charlie Mendez


Their fitness trainers are very professional and motivating. Working out at this gym feels more like a part of my life rather than something I have to force myself to do.

Parker Ravi

Senior Instructor