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The Movefreely Coaching programme is a comprehensive health and fitness program focused on longevity and sustainability with an emphasis on tracking and testing for absolute accuracy. This program is for those looking for weight-loss, muscle gain, general fitness and strength, injury prevention and facilitating a lifestyle of health and fitness throughout their lives in the most time effective way possible. We also include nutritional management and formulation.

As much as the relaxed feeling of going through a yoga class or the rush of the aerobic class leave you wanting more if there is no progress made on your person health and fitness goals then it will be a bit of a waste of sweat, effort and sore muscles. That’s why the Movefreely Coaching program emphasises transformative coaching oppose to experiential.

The Movefreely coaching program focus on three main areas of health and fitness…

Find What Works!


As you sit reading this, the muscle you are not gaining is muscle you are losing (for those who are over 25 years of age). Why muscle? The link between muscle mass and the major aspects of general health is huge. The more muscle you have (within the frame of your body and not necessarily in a bodybuilding way) the better your general overall health.

This is why strength training is the meat and potatoes (maybe fewer potatoes and maybe a high protein vegetable if you are more plant-based) of the program. In the program, we formulate and facilitate a strength work program that is safe, time efficient and most of all effective for increasing muscle mass and strength.

With this, we manage and calculate the exact nutritional requirements to facilitate muscle and strength gains.

Get healthy and strong! For life


Hate the stairs? Does playing with kids leave you exhausted? Laking the energy to get through the day?

Our metabolism is a tricky system and navigating the correct way to training this energy producing engine can lead you to not only not gaining ground in this area but could cause more damage than good.

With the Movefreely Coaching Program, we aim to get the correct distribution of intensity each week as not to over train and aim to gain the most out of every heavy breath and drop of sweat in an efficient way.

The other side of energy is the balance of eating in an accurate and sustainable way. We aim for the most optimised way of eating possible to facilitate the most amount of fat loss while still maintaining all the healthy and productive tissues of the body.

Increase your Vitality!


Being able to touch your toes is just the start.Health joints rely on more than just being super flexible and bendy.

In fact, too much flexibility can lead to greater joint issues than restrictive joints in some cases. We can’t just rely on our favourite yoga class or the 30 seconds of stretching we do before our run. We all don’t have an.hour a day for stretching either and as such we make sure we do our alignment and mobilisation in a most time efficient way.

Starting with testing an analysis of the biggest issues that personal plague you when it comes to alignment regarding mobility, posture and function, we formulate and apply specific intervention to solve your alignment problems.

When you can’t move well, you move less, which makes movement more difficult and the cycle repeats.

Solve your alignment problems!


In order to make the process of formulating all the habits of a healthy and fit life we need to follow a procedure that will allow us to know where we are, where we are going and how we are doing while keeping us motivated to keep going as well.


We always start with an initial test phase to see where your baseline is and then compare those stats to where you need to be in each area of health and fitness.

This allows us to see where your major challenges are and where we can make the most impact.

We initiate the testing phase at the beginning and end of 3 months as to allow to time for properprogress to occur.

Testing also keeps the coach and the client honest.

Keeping Us Honest

Track and Facilitation.

Throughout the process of the Movefreely Coaching Program, we will collect the most needed and relevant data we can about each intervention.

This makes sure that we are engaged in your progress and that we can see where things are and are not working. It is the coach’s job to formulate, teach, and facilitate each part of the program.

They will keep you accountable, report back on each area of the program and make adjustments and intervention where they are needed.This makes participation in the program flexible, sustainable and customisable to your level of time, effort and complexity.

Keep on Track!


The Movefreely Coaching Program focus primarily on the end goal and the comfort and sustainability of implementing all the elements needed to get to that goal.Thus, we work in a way that is most suitable for getting results.

We do this in various ways, from in-person to video sessions to orientations.

This also makes it a very custom experience, and hence will require an initial consultation to set up the way forward to creating the fittest and healthiest you in the most sustainable way possible.

Get it Done!

Other Services

We understand that sometimes the services we provide are either a little more than what you require or a slightly different approach needs to be taken.

We thus offer other specific services that fill those gaps in a way that would be fair and fitting to both us and the people we serve.Here they are…

Health and Fitness Orientation

Are you a bit more self-sufficient but lack precise direction or not too sold on someone telling you what to do on a consistent basis? Then a Health and Fitness Orientation is what you need.

This is a once off session where we take you through all you need to know to build a comprehensive and efficient health and fitness Program.2 to 3 hours of answering all your questions and giving you the tools to succeed.


Personal Training

Sometimes you just need to have a set time and place to get things done or need a series of personal in person coaching on a specific issue or goal.Personal training is the answer.

R350 a session (Discount for multiple participant per person)

Movement/Mobiltiy/Alignment Sessions

Need a guided session on what your body needs to become limber, mobile, and functional. These sessions focus on every aspect of your mobility and alignment needs.

We do these sessions in-person or remotely (anywhere in the world).

R350 a session (Discount for multiple participant per person)

Mobility/Alignment Testing

Injuries plaguing you? Feeling restricted? Something just not right?Want to know what it is and how to overcome it. A mobility test and analysis will give you the map to knowing the answer.


Mobility/Alignment Programs

Know where you are deficient and lacking mobility, posture and alignment wise (maybe after doing the mobility test)?

Where do you go from here? We help you build a sustainable program to overcome your restrictions.


Nutritional Management

Maybe you already have a trainer or training program that works for you but are missing the nutrition focus that will allow you breakthrough your challenges.

We formulate and facilitate what you need to eat, when and how much when it comes to your nutrition.

We cover the basics needed to succeed in the most efficient way.

R700 a month

Book A Consult

A no-strings attached consult allows us to get a better feel of your goals, restrictions, personality-match and life situation in order to get the best results we can and see if we are the best option for you.

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